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Serious Tools for Serious Traders

  • Extensive Short List
  • Direct Access Order Routing
  • Very reliable trading platform
  • Fast order entry with hot keys
  • Locate and short a stock in seconds
  • Quick customer service – WE ANSWER THE PHONE
  • Pre and post market trading from 4am ET to 8pm ET

Will these tools help your trading?

SpeedTrader is proud to offer the Evan Schunk trading community discounted commission rates and 1 month of free software of SpeedTrader Pro/DAS.


Permanent low commission rate.

$.0015 per share
1,000,000 shares max
$2.49 per trade
1,000,000 shares max at Axos – 2,000 share max at Curvature
$0.25 per contract
Available at Axos Clearing only
New customers only. Active traders can qualify for lower rates.

Swift new account opening.

  • Fund with as little as $2500.
  • $25 initial funding wire credit.
  • Applications processed in ONE business day.
  • Set up free ACH transfers after your account is funded.

What Are You Waiting For?

*Fine Print – Plus routing and regulatory fees. Max trade size of 2000 shares for those who clear at Apex Pro. For those who clear at Axos, there is a limit of 100K shares for market orders and 1 million shares for limit orders.

Promo is available to new clients only.

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