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Competitive Commission Rates

Choose between per-share and per-trade pricing.
Lower rates can be negotiated for highly active traders.
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Per-Trade Pricing
As low as

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Trades Per Month Rate Per Trade
500 or more $2.95
200 to 499 $3.95
Under 200 $4.49

Per-Share Pricing
As low as

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Shares Per Month Rate Per Share
Over 500k Shares $0.0025
250k to 500k $0.003
Under 250k $0.0044

Options Pricing
As low as

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Contracts Per Month Rate Per Contract
1000 or more $0.30
500 to 1000 $0.35
Under 500 $0.40

Advanced Trading Platforms

Strategize, analyze, and trade with a suite of state-of-the-art trading platforms.
SpeedTrader offers advanced trading platforms for desktop and mobile. Take advantage of level 2 trading, real-time charting, hot keys, and much more.

Direct Market Access

SpeedTrader clients can choose between over 25 routing options to send their orders directly to market. Cut out the middle man and get faster executions at better prices.
Other brokers internalize order flow, which may result in slower executions and more expensive fills.

Extensive Short Lists

SpeedTrader offers extensive short lists of over 10,000 securities. Third-party locate services are available for premium locate stocks.
Other brokers have limited short inventory, meaning you may miss out on short trades because you can’t borrow shares.

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Get $100 in free trades or 1 month of free trading (whichever comes first).
Excludes routing and software fees.
Software fees are waived for clients generating $499 in monthly commissions.