SpeedTrader will cover the cost of your trading education through commission discounts.

Get a $2 per trade or $.0019 per share commission discount
until the savings pay for the cost of your course.

For example, take a trading education course/program priced at $997 or more, and SpeedTrader will offer you a $2 per trade or $.0019 per share discount off of our $4.49 per trade or $.0044 per share stock commission rate, until your savings equals what you paid for the course. In this example you will pay $2.49* per trade and save $2 per trade for 499 trades or pay $.0025 per share with a $2 minimum for 525,000 shares.

How it works.

1. Within twelve months of taking a trading education course/program and paying $997 or more, open and fund an account at SpeedTrader with $25,000 or more.

2. Email your trading education receipt to [email protected] for verification.

3.   Open your SpeedTrader account and enter promo code:


Why are we doing this?

SpeedTrader wants to open accounts for traders who want to invest in their future and do what they can to learn a method of trading. Too many try trading without a plan or strategy. Traders that invest in their education tend to have a plan and strategy to help them become successful.

What trading courses qualify?

We do not have a list of approved trading courses. We are primarily looking for traders who have taken a mainstream course but will always look at any trading course to determine if it qualifies.

Trading educators: DayTraderPro, Online Trading Academy, Warrior Trading, DekmarTrades, TradeCaster, RagingBull, TimothySykes, T3 Live, Pristine Method Trading, Udemy

Ready to Get Started?
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*Fine Print – Plus routing and regulatory fees. Max trade size of 2000 shares for those who clear at Curvature. For those who clear at Axos, there is a limit of 100K shares for market orders and 1 million shares for limit orders.

Promo is available to new clients only. Once the promo expires, we will apply a $3.49 per trade rate, or $.0035 per share with a $2 minimum, going forward unless you request a lower rate based on your activity that qualifies for a lower rate from our published commission tier breakpoints.

SpeedTrader, Inc. is not affiliated with these third-party educators or service providers. Any investment decisions made by the user through the use of such content is solely based on the user’s independent analysis taking into consideration your financial circumstances, investment objectives, and risk tolerance. SpeedTrader, Inc. does not endorse, offer nor recommend any of the services provided by educators or service providers. Any information used to execute any trading strategies is solely based on the independent analysis of the user.