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API Trading Services:

Trading API
Short Locate API
Direct Access Routing API
Automated Trading Strategy API
Algo Trading API
HFT Trading API

For Retail Traders

C#, .NET or FIX
For Institutional Traders

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DAS FIX/API Instruction PDF Form

DAS API Services – DAS|Inc – Developer of DAS Trader suite of products

DAS Trader DMA FIX/API adheres to the standard of Financial Information Exchange (FIX) for the industry. It provides Direct Market Access (DMA) to various market destinations for high speed order execution and validation without compromising latency. Because our DMA FIX is co-located within the exchanges’ data center, our clients benefit by cutting time and cost in setting up connections to multiple venue options by just connecting to DAS infrastructure.

DAS Trader FIX/API – Automatically transmit, receive and cancel advanced order types, execution reports, order status, positions, liquidity flags, account balances, standardized market data for Nasdaq, Direct EDGE, BATS and more.

Send orders directly to NASDAQ via the data center in Carteret, NJ
·  Send orders via DAS’s private dark fiber connections to NYSE, DirectEDGE, CBSX, and BATS
·  Direct Access Order Routing
·  Access 100+ market destinations via DAS’s infrastructure

Some of the fastest direct access
order routing is provided to API users!

What is API Trading?

API is short for Application Programming Interface trading.

What does API Trading do?

An API is the “go-between” system that enables a traders software program to send trades or queries to an exchange or trading system and receive info back seamlessly.

What is a trading API it used for?

Traders write a program using code like CMD, C#, .NET or FIX to automate their trading strategy, locate stocks, and other trading functions.

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