SpeedTrader is pleased to announce
Sterling Trader Prois coming in early 2024.

Want ZERO COMMISSION on Sterling Trader® Pro?

Sign up for a demo and secure
FREE LOCATES for your first six months.

ZERO Commissions
ZERO DAS Trader Fees
 $1k FREE Locates

Call, email or chat us for more info. New customers only.

*SpeedTrader offers direct access online trading services for active stock traders on the US markets, NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ and OTCBB/Pinksheets. We are pleased to offer a zero stock commission rate for new customers who sign up above to Secure ZERO Commissions on Sterling Trader Pro for their first six months of trading. The HEATF, LQSF and PDQF stock order routes have zero fees. SpeedTrader will rebate 100% of Stock Locate fees generated in your first six months up to $1000. Six months starts the day your account is funded.

SpeedTrader offers very competitive low commission rates. Our trading platforms are designed for quick order entry and provide order routing and execution at direct access speeds. Many times we are able to provide free locates on popularly traded stocks and have a very robust stock locate program with six stock locate venues.

This combination allows traders new to SpeedTrader to test out the Sterling Trader Pro trading platform at very low cost and barrier to entry. After the promo expires, we are allowing new customers to name their own commission rate. Rates are negotiated based on trading volume. Typically, we can match or beat any regularly published rate. Standard data and order routing fees apply. Valid for new customers who open an account with $30,000 or more that clears at Curvature Securities and who enter the promo code STERLINGZERO on their new account application.