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Account forms, transfer forms, tax forms, etc.
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Account Forms

Transfer Forms

  • ACAT Request Form If you need to transfer securities and/or funds from another institution, you need to submit this form to complete your application process. Please include a separate transfer form for each account you’re transferring along with a copy of the most recent statements for each account.
  • Journal Request – LOA Transfer between two accounts held at the same clearing firm only.
  • ACH Authorization Automatic electronic transfer to and from client bank accounts.
  • Letter of Indemnity To be used in conjunction with ACH Authorization form if applicable.
  • Wire Transfer Form Request an outgoing wire transfer.
  • Check Request Form Request a check by mail.

Tax Forms

  • W8-BEN * W8-IMY W8-BEN-E Foreign Account holders must complete and sign a W-8 form to be exempt from U.S. taxes. Your account may be opened with a copy, however an original signature W8 must be received before you can begin trading. * It is recommended that you sign the W8-BEN in blue ink. * You must also send a copy of your passport.
  • W-9 Certification of Taxpayer Identification Number

Misc. Forms

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