Stock & Options Commissions

Low trading fees for stocks and options.
Commissions designed for active traders.





As low as:
  • $.0009/Share Stocks
  • $.25/Contract Options





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  • 4am to 8pm - Trade & Locate
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Stocks and ETFs
Shares Per Month
Per Share
10M to 25M
5M to 10M
1M to 5M
1 to 1M
$0 minimum order fee. 1 million share max order.
Per trade rates available
Trades Per MonthPer Trade
10,000 or moreCall – 845-531-2487
Over 3,000$2.49
Over 500$2.95
Over 200$3.95
Under 200$4.49

Axos Clearing

Up to 1,000,000 shares per limit order
Up to 100,000 shares market order

Curvature Clearing

Up to 10,000 shares per order





Call, Chat or Email.

Contracts Per Month
Per Contract
10k to 25k
1k to 10k
1 to 1k
Options trading at Axos Clearing only.
$1 minimum order fee.

We will match

or beat any

published rate!

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  • Very fast platform.
  • Great short locate availability.
  • Competitively priced.
  • Often the lowest cost direct access broker.
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SpeedTrader provides active traders with very flexible and low commission rates for US stocks and options listed on the NASDAQ, AMEX and NYSE Exchanges and the OTC Markets (sometimes referred to OTCBB, Pink Sheet or Bulletin Board). We can beat or match any published rate by similar firms offering similar active day trading services.

If you have read this far, you have found the right firm. We cater to active long and short traders with a high touch personalized service. Ask us about our Elite Trader support program.

Option and equity traders start at the lowest commission tier. Discounted commission rates are not automatically applied to any account and do not automatically adjust based on monthly volume. You must contact us to request any rate changes for future trading activity. Commission rebates will not be issued for past activity. All rates are subject to ongoing review and may be increased if the monthly trade/share tier thresholds are not met.

Routing, Software, Account and other fees may apply.

Options Contracts: Software and account fees may apply. See Characteristics and Special Statements.

Premium stock short locate and overnight borrow fees may apply to short positions and will be charged to the trader daily. These fees will vary.

The SEC Section 31 regulatory fee of $0.0000229 of the total dollar amount of equity securities sold is assessed and is added to total commissions charged.

The FINRA TAF Fee $0.000145 per share of equity securities sold is assessed with a maximum of $7.27 per trade and is added to the total commission charged.

The Options Regulatory Fee (ORF) fee is assessed on all options sell orders at $0.03025 per option contract and is added to the total commission charged.

The FINRA TAF Fee $0.00244 per options contract sold is assessed and is added to the total commission charged.

Premium short locate fees vary and are quoted when requested.

Overnight stock short positions may incur a daily short borrow fee on all short positions held overnight. This fee is determined by the clearing firm and is not known until the day after at the earliest. This fee can vary day to day and will be applied every day through settlement of the closing transaction.

Trading in foreign stocks that trade is U.S. dollars by approval only. These stocks are generally 5 letter stock symbols ending in F.

Trading non-DTC eligible securities will incur additional settlement fees including; a DTC Physical Trade fee of $150 and a shipping fee of $40 (when necessary). There may also be a NYW fee and a TRF AGENT fee, which will vary and may be substantial.

The fee information listed here is for informational purposes only. These fees are subject to change at any time and those changes may not be accurately reflected on this page. This is only a partial list of additional fees. View our other “fees” pages for additional information.