Routing Fees

For Stocks and Options
Choose from over 40 stock routing options, including: ECN’s with rebates, Direct Market Access (DMA routing), Dark Pools, Retail Liquidity Providers, Smart Routers, Sponsored Access, Exchange, Scrape, and more. Our order routing options are designed for the active trader and priced aggressively with the professional traders in mind.

NEED A SPECIFIC ROUTE??? Let us know, we can get it.

Listed Stocks & ETF’s


RouteAdd Liquidity $/shareTake Liquidity $/shareDescriptionHoursClearing
ARCA0.0020(0.0025)Scrapes liquidity then routed to ARCA4am to 8pmAxos/Curve
BATS0.0020(0.0025)Scrapes liquidity then routed to BATS4am to 8pmAxos/Curve
BATSY(0.0028)0.0005Scrapes liquidity then routed to BATSY4am to 8pmAxos/Curve
EDGA(0.0045)0.0010Scrapes liquidity then routed to EDGA4am to 8pmAxos/Curve
EDGX0.0020(0.0025)Scrapes liquidity then routed to EDGX4am to 8pmAxos/Curve
INET0.0021(0.0025)Scrapes liquidity then routed to INET4am to 8pmAxos/Curve
HEATFFREEFREE9:30am to 4pmAxos/Curve
LQSFFREEFREE9:30am to 4pmAxos/Curve
PDQFFREEFREE9:30am to 4pmAxos/Curve
DARK(0.0010)(0.0010)Routes to multiple dark pools of liquidity9:30am to 4pmAxos/Curve
FAN(0.0030)(0.0030)Virtu (NITE/Knight)9:30am to 4pmAxos/Curve
HEAT(0.0015)(0.0015)Market Maker Smart router9:30am to 4pmAxos/Curve
HELIX(0.0005)(0.0005)Market Maker Smart router9:30am to 4pmAxos/Curve
LAMP(0.0015)(0.0015)Market Maker Smart router9:30am to 4pmAxos/Curve
MIDDIE0.0018(0.0045)Searches for midpoint price or better9:30am to 4pmAxos/Curve
POSTT(0.0030)(0.0030)9:30am to 4pmAxos/Curve
SSRO(0.0100)(0.0100)Sells short just above bid on SSR stocks9:30am to 4pmAxos/Curve
LIMIT(0.0015)(0.0015)Internal Smart Router9:30am to 4pm*Axos/Curve
MARKET(0.0015)(0.0015)Internal Smart Router9:30am to 4pm*Axos/Curve
STOP(0.0015)(0.0015)Internal Smart Router9:30am to 4pm*Axos/Curve
ARCAD0.0020(0.0035)Direct Access to Exchange4am to 8pmAxos
EDGAD(0.0030)(0.0030)Direct Access to Exchange4am to 8pmAxos
EDGXD0.0020(0.0035)Direct Access to Exchange4am to 8pmAxos
ARCASA0.0020(0.0035)Sponsored Access to Exchange4am to 8pmCurve
BATSSA0.0020(0.0035)Sponsored Access to Exchange4am to 8pmAxos/Curve
BATSYSA(0.0028)0.0005Sponsored Access to Exchange4am to 8pmAxos/Curve
EDGASA(0.0030)(0.0030)Sponsored Access to Exchange4am to 8pmCurve
EDGXSA0.0020(0.0035)Sponsored Access to Exchange4am to 8pmCurve
IEXGUSA(0.0015)(0.0015)Sponsored Access to Exchange4am to 8pmAxos/Curve
INETSA0.0015(0.0035)Sponsored Access to Exchange4am to 8pmAxos/Curve
* Queues pre market orders for the 9:30 open.

Specialty RoutesAdd Liquidity $/shareTake Liquidity $/shareDescriptionHoursClearing

OTCBB & Pink Sheets

OTCQX, OTCQB, Pinks, Caveat Emptor (Only stocks with public quotes on bid and ask)
RouteAdd/Take Liquidity $/shareDescriptionHoursClearing
OTCX Link(0.0001)OTCBB & Pink Sheets priced under $19:30 am to 4pmAxos/Curve
SPDRO(0.0004)OTCBB & Pink Sheets priced under $19:30 am to 4pmAxos/Curve
ARCAU(0.0045)OTCBB & Pink Sheets - priced $1 and up9:30 am to 4pmAxos/Curve
SPTD SMART(0.0045)OTCBB & Pink Sheet stock-directs to ARCAU9:30 am to 4pmAxos/Curve
OTCB(0.0045)OTCBB & Pink Sheets - priced $1 and up9:30 am to 4pmAxos/Curve
DKMX(0.0045)OTCBB & Pink Sheets - priced $1 and up9:30 am to 4pmAxos/Curve

Stock Regulatory Fees

TypeFee $Description
NSCC(.00004)/shareNational Securities Clearing Corp.Axos/Curve
TAF(.000145)/share - sales onlyFINRA Trading Activity Fee ($7.27 max per trade)Axos/Curve
Section 31(.0000278) x principal - sales onlySecurities and Exchange Commission (SEC) FeeAxos/Curve


RouteFee $/contractTypeDescriptionHoursClearing
TRAFFREEEquityLampost Capital9:30am to 4pmAxos
VOLEXFREEEquityVOLEX9:30am to 4pmAxos
(0.20)ETF9:30am to 4:15pmAxos
(0.70)SPX Indicies9:30am to 4:15pmAxos
(0.40)Other Indicies9:30am to 4:15pmAxos
(0.0427)RegulatoryORF - Options Regulatory FeeAxos
Amounts in parenthesis ( ) are a routing FEE. Your account gets charged the amount shown.
Amounts without parenthesis are a routing REBATE. Your account gets credited the amount shown.

Specialty routes available by request. Others may be available, ask if you need a route not shown. Routing fees applicable to accounts opened after 10/31/23.

ECN/Exchange routing rebates will be credited on a per-trade basis for traders clearing at Curvature Securities. Traders clearing at Axos Clearing will receive rebate credits the following month. ECN/Exchange routing rebates are provided by request for accounts open prior to 2/1/2023, but apply automatically for those opened after 2/1/2023.

We reserve the right to change or adjust order routing venues, routing fees and exchange fees at our sole discretion. Traders trading on per ticket rates are not eligible for ECN/Exchange routing rebates unless agreed to in writing by management. We do receive payment for order flow when routing certain equity and options orders with specific routes or market centers, more information is available upon request. There may be other option and stock order routes available that are not listed here, which may charge a fee. You should always call and check the fee on any option and stock order route before using it.

The fee information listed here is for informational purposes only. These fees are subject to change at any time and those changes may not be accurately reflected on this page. This is only a partial list of additional fees. View our other “fees” pages for additional information.