Direct Market Access

Does your broker have True Direct Market Access? SpeedTrader does!

Why active traders choose SpeedTrader?

SpeedTrader is the
only broker that provides
TRUE Direct Market Access
on the DAS Trader platform.

Direct Access Routes:

  • ARCA
  • BATS
  • EDGA
  • EDGX

Some of the fastest direct access order routing available to the public!

Hot Keys – Hot Buttons – API

Trade as low as
$.0009 per share
$2.49 per trade

Routing Fees
Free to $.0035 per share

Visit our Routing Fees page for details.


Available on:

SpeedTrader Mobile App
Android or Apple

SpeedTrader Active Web
Browser Based

SpeedTrader Pro
Powered by DAS Trader Pro

  • Reliable
  • Easy to Use
  • Low Cost

What is Direct Access?

Direct Access is the ability for traders to send their orders directly from their broker to a US Exchange like NYSE ARCA, NASDAQ, or CBOE.

What is “True” Direct Access?

“True” Direct Access is the ability for your broker to send your order directly to an exchange without having to route it to a third-party broker acting as a middleman.

What is the benefit of “True” Direct Access?

Speed – True Direct Access will get your order to the exchange faster.

What kind of routing does SpeedTrader provide?

SpeedTrader provides True Direct Access, Sponsored Access, Scrape Routes, Market Makers, Dark Pools and more.

Why do other DAS Trader brokers not provide True Direct Access?

We would hate to speculate, but it is likely due to cost. It is accurate that “True” Direct Access is fast, but it also costs a little more. Many brokers don’t provide real direct access so they can pocket the difference.

SpeedTrader was designed for one purpose…
 to execute trades FAST!

SpeedTrader has prioritized providing…
FAST order entry and routing destinations.

Many say there is nothing more important than…
SPEED, when day trading or actively investing.

“Direct access trading (DAT) is a technology system that enables stock traders to trade directly with another client, a market maker on Nasdaq, or a specialist on the floor of an exchange, all without broker interference.”

Investopedia; Direct Access Trading (DAT): What It is, How It Works, Benefits By James Chen – Updated April 30, 2022
Reviewed by Charles Potters – Fact checked by Katrina Munichiello
Posted by SpeedTrader 1/23/24

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